This is

Craft Tales


These are the stories of Craft Tales, where things are made, either on commission or from our own creativity.

The roots goes deep in the history of Arts, Crafts and Design,  pushing and exploring the boundaries of what can be made.

Handmade and custom made, with great attention to detail. Always striving for sustainability and ethical sourcing of material and techniques.

Located in Linköping, Sweden.

Welcome to join the journey.

About Craft Tales


With a background in theater and the stage, as well as custom-made outfits, most wishes can be met and obstacles overcome.
Historical costumes. Circus outfits. Stage costumes. Wedding and party clothes. Custom fits and alterations.


With the stage and craft, comes the additional aspects of creating.
Accessories as in jewellery, bags and shoes. Puppets and scenography. Interior decoration. High end craft objects. The creation of new worlds.


With a world of materia to transform, the path of developement is sometimes dictated by it the matter itself.
Some creations are site specific. Some objects are charged with it's own awareness and animation. Always with a basis in the matter and the built in presence of soul, exploring at the boundaries of what can be.

'Round about, round about, Lo and behold! Reel away, reel away, Straw into gold!'


Questions, proposals or co-operations are all welcome at: